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IzzitArt Terms and Conditions as of 4th February 2016

Prior to any work being undertaken the parties, Izzit-Art and the customer will first discuss the customer’s requirements and a written quote will be drawn up. This quote, together with these terms and conditions, forms the basis of the agreement between the parties.

Definitions: the following words have these definitions unless another meaning is clear from the context. Where there is no definition the word takes on the normal meaning within the design, laser cutting and printing industry. The customer has the responsibility to ensure that the meaning of any word or term is clearly understood.

Customer: the person/legal person seeking the services of Izzit-Art, whether an agreement has been finally reached on the precise services to be rendered or not.

Izzit-Art means Lynn van Wyk trading as Izzit-Art such at 13, 11th Avenue, Parktown North

Reflective cutting means the variation along a cut edge which occurs when certain materials are cut with a laser cutter, and which most often occurs on thicker materials.

Artwork means the design, including but not limited to texts and drawings which is to be cut, printed, engraved or otherwise, onto the items, on behalf of the customer.

Burn means the line left on the item which is caused by the heat used during the laser cutting process.



No agreement will come into existence until there is written confirmation either by way of email or by signature of the quote by the customer.

If a deposit is required by Izzit-Art, no work will begin until such deposit has been paid and a proof of payment sent, notwithstanding that there has been written confirmation of the order.


Izzit-Art guarantees the work undertaken on the customer’s behalf, subject to the provisos set out below, for a period of 3 months from date of delivery, provided all payments have been made.

Any work to be redone in accordance with these guarantees, will be undertaken, once the original items have been returned to Izzit-Art and within a reasonable time frame, at Izzit-Art’s sole discretion.


In general all artwork must be supplied by the customer.

It must be in clear vector format (cdr; ia; dxf)  

If not in vector format as above, an adaption charge will apply. If this is necessary the artwork must be in a good quality pdf or jpeg format, as determined by Izzit-Art in their sole discretion.

Artwork measurements must be in millimetres – any other measurements will not be accepted.

Izzit-Art takes no responsibility for any artwork, or the application thereof, supplied by the customer.

In the event that artwork, design or any adaptation thereof is required from Izzit-Art, a standard charge of R60/15minutes will apply.

The customer may rent Izzit-Art’s equipment at R6 per minute. In this event the customer provides its own material and manages and controls the processes, without assistance from Izzit- Art.  Izzit-Art will show the customer how to set up and use the machine, initially. The customer does so at its own risk and accepts all responsibility for its use of the equipment. If the customer requires assistance after the initial set up, the services will no longer considered rental and shall become normal use by Izzit-Art and will be charged in accordance of the normal charges, at present, R8 per minute.

In the event that the design supplied to Izzit-Art by the customer causes the machine change its cutting path during the cutting process, and so requires the design to be recut, such re-cutting will be for the customer’s account. Izzit-Art will make all reasonable efforts to prevent this change of direction but cannot always foresee when the intricacy of a design will cause the machine to change cutting direction.

If the design contains small pieces, these may occasionally fall through the cutting machine during the process and so may be lost in the collection box. Izzit-Art will do its best to recover these but cannot guarantee that all small pieces will be recovered. Any re-cutting necessitated by this will be for the customer’s account.

Laser cutting


All materials will have a degree of burn associated with the cutting. Izzit-Art undertakes to minimise this in its sole discretion. The customer hereby accepts all risks associated with such burn.

MDF and Perspex can be cut up to 9mm. Some reflective cutting may occur on thicker materials. This cannot be prevented but all reasonable attempts, at Izzit-Art’s sole discretion, will be made to minimise this.

Plywood and MDF up to 6mm –burn on the cut edge can be minimised by application tape at the customer’s request and if reasonably possible, before work is undertaken. Any burn will be cleaned off as much as reasonably possible, at Izzit-Art’s sole discretion.

All materials must be tested before a job will be quoted as the application depends on their melting rate. The customer will be advised of any problems or unsuitability and will accept the risk of cutting all materials which are not recommended.

Foam and other plastics - cutting is not guaranteed and must be test cut before work to commence as lasering can have different effects according to the materials used.

Paper/card - the higher the cotton content the greater the “burn”, and the customer hereby accepts the risk that there will be a burn associated with the cutting.

Some materials, for example, PVC will not be cut due to the poisonous gases that are released.

Whether any material can be cut is solely in the discretion of Izzit-Art, and the decision to cut, or not, may be taken at any time during the process.

Glass cannot be cut.

Before work commences the customer agrees to supply scrap material to use as test material on new products, in order for Izzit-Art to test power and speed applications.


Fine and close cutting cannot always be successful as the steel heats and up melts areas. If artwork or an adaption of the existing artwork is needed to minimise this, customer will be charged for design time.

Izzit-Art agrees to discuss this with the customer before commencing such adaptation but any work done to date must first be paid for.

Laser cutting is charged at R10 /min plus-material

The cost of seting up artwork provided by Izzit Art is R175 per 30min with a minimum charge of 15 minutes

Stencils cut on 0.25 stencil material will not tear but fine work may have some fall out during cutting.

If Izzit-Art is responsible for any incorrect cutting the parties agree that Izzit-Art will redo the work, at no additional cost and on the same conditions as applied to the original job. This guarantee is conditional on all of the original product being returned. No work will be redone until the original work is returned.

If a sample is made for mass production, the cost of the original sample will be deducted from the amount charged for the first bulk order. Samples will not be produced for free.

Laser Engraving


Woods, glass, metal, leather, acrylic, and thick foam can be engraved. All materials, including those on this list require testing before engraving begins.

Glass and metal require a special application to prevent reflection and is included in the cost


Jpegs can be engraved but must be of a high quality.

Laser engraving is slow and expensive for large areas as it is charged by the minute, a less costly option is to shallow cut the outline.

Laser engraving is charged by R5/25mm squared

Vinyl Printing and Cutting


If a cut line is required - this will be shown clearly in a hairline magenta to indicate where cutting is to occur and bleed lines clearly visible.

No printing will occur till artwork is approved by customer.   The sizes stated in the quote will be the printed size and must be signed as correct.

The cost of any reprinting will be borne by the customer if the measurements supplied are incorrect.

If reprinting is a result of fault on the part of Izzit-Art, this reprinting will only take place once the original, incorrect item has been returned. 

Cost of Vinyl printing is R250/running meter.  This is the cost of printing and cutting only - any weeding and application tape will be charged at R20/running meter.

A guarantee for the length of time any printing will last will only be provided if the time period is advised, in advance, by the customer and will at all times in any event be at the sole discretion of Izzit-Art.

If a logo is to be printed the pantone colour must be provided by the customer and Izzit-Art takes no responsibility for any loss if this is not provided.

Lamination is charged for separately. If lamination is required this must be requested in advance.

Reverse printing and backing application is also charged for separately and must be requested by the customer in advance.

Vinyl Applications and signage Installations


Vinyl Application is not done off sute.

Vinyl application is not guaranteed at all as factors out of Izzit-Art’s control such as textures, dust, oil, and paint surfaces can effect application.

If holes are ordered as opposed to nail standoffs, the place where the nail holes are to go must be included in original artwork.

Acrylic signage attachment will depend on the final application of this signage and will be charged accordingly

Decals and vinyl sticker applications situations must be confirmed by the customer before any installation will occur and Izzit-Art takes no responsibility for any loss or damage as a result.

Other applications

Banners are charged at R250/running meter. Included in this price is the taping down of the sides and eyelets ( either 2mm or 2.5mm) at all four corners and spaced on the edges, approximately every meter.  This price does not include any rope.

Holes to allow for installation of wooden signs will be drilled into the corners of the signs but any connectors/chain will be an additional charge.  Wooden signs will be laser cut or vinyl applied but varnish or glaze will be only applied on request and will be charged for accordingly.

T-shirts and other media can only be printed on pure cotton as any other fabrics such as polyesters will melt under the heat used.

All images must be provided in high quality pdf or jpegs.  

There is a design size limitation for T-shirts of A4.

The total cost of printing T-shirts must be agreed on beforehand.

Paper printing is done on thin cardstock which cannot be cut at the same time.  Cutting of any printed items, such as pamphlets/leaflets/business cards, will be charged for over and above the cost of printing.

Special jobs such as vinyl/magnetic/photograph/canvas printing will be charged for individually.

Picture framing application will be charged according to cardstock, frame, borders, size, and glaze covering.  

Crates are made at a standard size with a handle and non-treated but additions to this standard can be made, at an extra cost.

It is possible to paint/vanish/glaze/seal or otherwise decorate our wood products, on special request and at an extra cost.

Should double applications be required, for example applying vinyl to laser cut wood products or printed cardstock that is then laser cut or engraving crates and so on an extra charge will apply.

Routing of wood for customers will be charged for based on the complexity of the job.

We are able to take on specialised projects such as cutting polystyrene, making light boxes, making casings, developing and designing packaging and so on. A charge for design time, construction time, proto-types, material wastage and final product will apply.

Unusual materials, the determination of which is solely in the discretion of Izzit- Art, which are used to finish off products for example hinges, chain, connectors, latches, lights, wire, bolts, pop-rivets, wire, and so on, will be at an extra cost.

Proof reading of the artwork, approval and signing off of the final design is the customer’s responsibility. Izzit-Art accepts no responsibility for any errors which included in such artwork. If any item is to be reprinted or remanufactured, the cost thereof will be for the customer’s account.

The joining of acrylic via a chemical process akin to welding has is possible but has inherent difficulties and on occasion some spillage of the chemical can occur. In this event, Izzit-Art the product will be redone at the sole discretion of Izzit-Art. We cannot guarentee the oroduct for breakage, because of the nature of perspex or of the joins once it leaves our offices.

The bending of acrylic with heat is very brittle and cannot be guaranteed after the final product is delivered. The angles required to do this bending are dependent on the machinery used and no guarantee can be given as to their final success.

Lead time for standard once-off items, not bulk products, is 3 days after the quote has been accepted, deposit has been paid and artwork approved. In the event that there is a material delay or the material is unavailable Izzit-Art will notify the customer of the expected time delay as soon as reasonably possible.

The time required for any larger jobs will be quoted separately.

Delivery will not be included in the quote,  unless required by customer.  This will be charged at R110 within 15km of shop.

In the event that customer elects to collect or to arrange for delivery other than the standard, the item will be stored for 2 weeks after which storage costs will apply at Izzit-Art’s sole discretion.

If any item is not collected within 2 months it will be sold to cover any costs applying.

Material can be supplied by customer or Izzit-Art will source it on the customer’s behalf. In the event that the customer supplies the material, Izzit-Art takes no responsibility for its suitability.